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Jon Bossley
Collection Associate

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Huayan Chen
Collection Associate
  • Parasitoid wasps
  • Insect Photography

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Stephen Chordas III
Collection Associate
  • Taxonomy and biogeography of...
Valmir Costa Valmir Costa
Post-Doctoral Associate
  • Entomology
  • Parasitoid wasps
  • Agricultural pests
Alex Figueroa-Ripoll Alejandro Figueroa-Ripoll
Research Assistant
  • Entomology
  • Insect Collection Curation
  • Butterfly and Moth Identification
Triplehorn Collection Icon Sara Hemly
Curatorial Technician
(614) 292-2750
  • Insect Specimen Curation &...
Triplehorn Collection Icon Heather Hrivnak
Research Aide
(614) 292-2730
  • Specimen Databasing

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Norman F. Johnson
Director, Professor
(614) 292-6595
  • Systematics & Evolution of...
  • Biodiversity Informatics
Kendall King Kendall King
Graduate student
Zach Lahey Zachary Lahey
Graduate Student
Natalia Molotievskyi Natalia Molotievskiy
Guest Scholar
(614) 292-2730

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Luciana Musetti
Curator of Insects
(614) 292-2730
  • Taxonomy of Parasitoid Wasps
  • Collection Curation &...
  • Education & Training
Triplehorn Collection Icon Jan Nishimura
Steven Passoa in 2014 Steven Passoa
National Lepidoptera Specialist with...
(614) 688-4471
  • Identification of Lepidoptera
Jordan Reynolds Jordan Reynolds
Research Assistant
  • Insect Photography
  • Specimen Digitization
MaLisa Spring MaLisa Spring
Coordinator for the Ohio Odonata Survey
  • Entomology

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Charles Triplehorn
Professor Emeritus, Curator Emeritus
(614) 292-6839