A very special specimen of Carpenter bee

April 27, 2020
Carpenter bee

New publication highlights the value of collection specimens and the importance of making specimen level data widely available to the scientific community.

2020 Museum Open House is suspended

March 10, 2020
Volunteer holding a stick insect during the 2014 Museum Open House

The 2020 Museum of Biological Diversity’s annual Open House, planned for Saturday, March 21, was suspended until further notice.  This disappointing decision was made after considering University guidance o

New publication: on tiny parasitic wasp Calixomeria

April 10, 2019
Calixomeria dorsal view
A new genus and species of the seldom-studied platygastroid subfamily Sceliotrachelinae is described from Australia. Calixomeria is a tiny (less than 1 mm long!), uniparental (females only) parasitic wasp found throughout mainland Australia and Tasmania.

Art & Science meet at Hypotheses!

October 8, 2018
Arctic Oeneis by Jordan Reynolds

Evie Moran & Jordan Reynolds, two artists associated with the Triplehorn Insect Collection, are presenting their collection-based, science-inspired art work at "Hypot

Arctic Oeneis butterflies from Ohio State part of citizen science network

August 22, 2018
Arctic Oeneis butterflies from OSU part of citizen science network

Arctic Oeneis butterfly specimens from the Triplehorn Insect Collection at Ohio State are now up on Notes from Nature, a citizen science platform that connects museum collections with the vast community of individuals interested in biodiversity with the goal of expediting the transcripti