Arctic Oeneis butterflies from Ohio State part of citizen science network

August 22, 2018
Arctic Oeneis butterflies from OSU part of citizen science network

Arctic Oeneis butterfly specimens from the Triplehorn Insect Collection at Ohio State are now up on Notes from Nature, a citizen science platform that connects museum collections with the vast community of individuals interested in biodiversity with the goal of expediting the transcription of specimen label data. Citizen scientists can go to Notes from Nature, sign up, and start reading, interpreting, and entering the specimen label information into the computer right away.

The beautiful images of the specimens in our project are being produced by undergraduate students & by volunteers at the Triplehorn collection. 

Visit the project website: 

Arctic Oeneis Butterfly Project

Read our post on the Notes from Nature blog:

Arctics – Oeneis butterflies on Notes from Nature