Services to the Scientific Community

The Triplehorn collection provides a variety of services to research scientists, students, and the general community, as listed below. For more information, see specific pages (menu to the right) or contact us.

Loan of Specimens

Loans are issued primarily for the purpose of taxonomic study that will result in the publication of the findings in a timely fashion. Requests should be directed to the Curator and must include contact information of the person requesting the loan (Insitutional Affilliation, Mailing and Email Address, Telephone) and a brief description of the purpose of the loan. Loans are not available to individuals without instituional affiliation. For detailed information, visit the Loan Policy page. 

Study Visits

We encourage qualified scientists to visit and to make a contribution to the collection by providing expert identification in the taxa they are familiar with. For more information or to schedule a study visit to the Collection, please send a message to our Curator.  See our Visitor Guide (coming up!) for more information.

Voucher Depository

We recommend the deposition of vouchers for all insect research studies at the organismal level, independent of the nature or the objective of the project. Ideally, a short series of males and females of each species should be deposited as vouchers, but other arrangements may be worked out. Researchers looking to deposit their vouchers or collections at the Triplehorn Insect Collection should contact the Curator to discuss the proposed deposit and to receive specific information on voucher preparation and submission. For detailed information, visit the Voucher Policy page.

Expert Identification

We provide expert identification services for parasitoid wasps in the family Platygastridae (Insecta: Hymenoptera). 

** For identification of other insect groups, contact the Entomology Extension office.

Biodiversity Informatics Tools

We have collaborations with other collections and projects to host their data and facilitate making it accessible through their own portal as well as GBIF

Services to the General Community

There is a growing public interest in biodiversity. Insects such as butterflies and beetles attract much attention due to their beauty. But there are many other insects worthy of attention and admiration. The collection is dedicated to outreach activities, including:

Guided Tours

We offer guided tours of the Triplehorn Insect Collection to groups and individuals. Tours typically take 30-45 minutes and are by appointment only (no walk-ins, please!) Groups larger than 20 people may have to schedule separate tours. For more information or to schedule a guided tour please contact us and provide your name, phone number or email, institutional affiliation, if any, number of people and age group of tour participants. For more information, visit the Guided Tours page.

Museum Open House

For us of the Triplehorn Insect Collection the Museum Open House it is a chance to declare our unbridled love and respect for insects, and to see again, through the eyes of our guests, young and old(er), just how fascinating, beautiful, and sometimes downright bizarre insects can be. It is also a chance to see old friends, acquaintances, colleagues and former students. And we cannot forget the friends we made among the visitors, many of whom return year after year to the event. Visit our Museum Open House page for more information on the collection's participation on that annual event.

Engaging with Insects Summer Camp

A 5-day summer camp for middle school children (age 10-13) interested in insects and insect collections

Insect Art and Photography Projects

We welcome individuals interested in drawing or taking photos of specimens. Not all specimens in the collection are available for art or photography projects. 

For more information about our Services, please contact us.

Page last updated 24 July 2017