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Updated 3/27/2020: The university is under a state of emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Triplehorn Insect Collection will remain closed until further notice. More information here

The Triplehorn collection does not have exhibit areas open to the public. Our 4 million+ specimens are neatly kept in dry, well-sealed cabinets and drawers, away from pests, humidity and light, that can cause irreparable damage to them. Given their fragile nature and scientific value, access to the specimens in the collection is limited to trained professionals. 

We do, however, offer guided tours of the collection for non-professionals groups and individuals who are interested in learning about insect diversity. School groups, after school programs and children of all ages are particularly welcome!  

During a guided tour, visitors have the unique opportunity to view selected portions of the collection that are not displayed during the Museum Open House and have time to ask questions about insects and the work we do at the collection. A tour of the collection typically takes 30-45 minutes, but may easily go for much longer depending on the interest of the group and the number of questions asked.

Tours and visits to the collection are by appointment only (no walk-ins, please) and are scheduled during our normal working hours (no tours on holidays and weekends, no evening tours.)

Please fill out a request form to schedule a tour for your group.

FAQ About the Guided Tour

Where is the collection located?

The Triplehorn Insect Collection is located at:

Museum of Biological Diversity
Room 1220
1315 Kinnear Road
Columbus, OH 43212-1157

How do I schedule a tour?

To schedule a guided tour, please fill out the form.

When are tours available?

Guided tours are available during collection regular working hours only. Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM

Is there a group size limit for tours?

Yes, due to personnel and space restrictions, group size is limited to 20 people, including chaperones. Groups larger than 20 will have to schedule separate tours. Children under 18 need to be chaparoned by responsible adults. For groups with more than 6 children, ratio of adults to children = 1 (adult):6(children).

Nora, during her visit to the Triplehorn Insect Collection

Is there a charge for tours?

We do not charge for the tours. However, due to the increased public interest on our guided tours and our lack of funds to fully subsidise the activity, we ask that visitors make a tax deductible donation to our Friends of the Triplehorn Insect Collection Fund (#314967). Donations can be made online prior to the visit OR on site with a check payable to The Ohio State University. Gifts to this fund directly support our tour-related activities, such as preparation and upkeep of display drawers, set up and clean up after tours, hourly wages for undergraduate students helping permanent staff during the tours.

Where can I park? 

There is a parking lot right in front of the Museum of Biological Diversity. Visitors to The Ohio State University are required to purchase parking any time they park on campus. All parking on campus is allocated and signed for specific uses, and parking regulations are enforced 24/7. The collection does not validate parking or provide visitor parking vouchers.

For more information about parking at The Ohio State University, visit CampusParc.

Guided tours by appointmen only. Please fill out a request form to schedule a tour for your group.


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